What is the type of safeguarding device that senses a worker in a certain area OSHA quizlet?

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There are three types of presence-sensitive devices. Photoelectric, Radial Vibration, and Electromechanical. They all work in slightly different ways, but they all operate on the idea that the presence of a worker in a particular area will cause the machine to stop.

What is a type of machine safeguarding OSHA?

Machine Guard. Types of Guards. One or more methods of machine guards are provided to protect operators and other employees in the machine area from hazards such as operating points, nip point tissue, rotating parts, flying chips, and those created by sparks.

What are the two types of primary safeguarding methods OSHA?

Two primary methods of machine protection are used: guards and protective devices. Guards provide physical barriers that prevent access to hazardous areas.

What are the three basic areas of a machine that require safeguarding OSHA?

All machines consist of three basic areas: operating points, power transmission devices, and operating controls.

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Which of the following is an example of a safeguarding device?

Protective devices are controls or attachments that, when properly designed and installed, typically prevent inadvertent access by employees to hazardous machine areas. Examples include presence sensing, pullback, containment, safety controls, and gates.

What are the different types of guards OSHA quizlet?

Guards include rush guards, fixed barrier guards, interlocked barrier guards, and adjustable barrier guards.

What are different types of guards OSHA?

There are four general types of guards

  • Repaired.
  • Interlocked.
  • Adjustable.
  • Self-adjusting.

What is a pullback device?

Pullback devices use a series of cables attached to the operator’s hands, wrists, and/or arms. This type of device is used primarily on machines with stroking action. When the slide/RAM is raised during a cycle, the operator has access to the operating point.

What is the key element of any safeguarding system OSHA?

Prevent Contact: Guardians should prevent hands, arms, and other parts of the operator’s body from coming into contact with hazardous moving parts. A good protection system eliminates the possibility of the operator or other workers placing body parts near hazardous moving parts.

Which OSHA standard deals with the safeguarding of woodworking equipment?

1910.213-Requirements for woodworking machinery. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

What is the OSHA standard for guarding the point of operation for machinery?

General requirements. 29 CFR 1910.212(a)(1) states that one or more machine guarding methods must be used to protect operators and other employees from Sparks.

What are the primary types of machine related hazards OSHA quizlet?

OSHA: Machine Hazards.

  • Exposure to energized equipment – electrical shock combustion.
  • Plastic tools dropped into machinery – projectiles lodged in skin.
  • Proximity to moving gears or flywheels – amputation.

What is the function of a safety device?

As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of safety devices is to reduce the risk of medical personnel suffering from percutaneous injuries. This has obvious advantages for employers, whether in the private or public health care system.

Which are the key features of a safety device quizlet?

Characteristics of these devices include that they do not interfere with patient care, are easy to use, have clear instructions, involve one hand, allow the hand to stay behind the exposed sharp, and are visibly different when activated.

What are the two main types of machine guarding?

The most common type of machine guard is the fixed guard. Interlocking guards.

What is a barrier guard?

Barrier guards are an appropriate means of protection for mechanical power presses of complete and partial revolutions. They are designed to prevent the operator’s hands and arms from entering the “danger zone,” as defined by the particular machine.

What is photoelectric guarding?

Photoelectric (optical) presence sensing devices use a system of light sources and controls that can interrupt the machine’s operating cycle. If the light field is broken, the machine will stop and will not cycle. They should only be used on machines that can be stopped before workers reach the hazardous area.

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Which is the presence-sensing device installed on power presses?

Examples of presence safety devices include safety light curtains and safety mats. If an object is in the sensing field during the hazardous portion (stroke) of the cycle, the device must interface with control circuitry to prevent or stop the sliding motion.

What are three types of technical safeguards?

The HIPAA security rule divides its protections into three categories of “protection” categories. Technical, Administrative, and Physical.

What is an example of a physical safeguard?

Some examples of physical safeguards are photo identification/swipe card systems to control building access. Lock offices and file cabinets containing PHI. Flip computer screens that display PHI from public view.

Which of the following are main responsibilities employers have under OSHA’s standards?

Q. The following are someone’s primary responsibilities under OSHA standards Monitor hazards, keep records of workplace injuries and illnesses, and provide specific equipment such as PPE.

Which is an example of safeguarding by location?

(Protection by safe distance (per location) may include an operator holding and supporting a workpiece with both hands at a pre-determined minimum safe distance. Free hand reach hazards.

What is protection safeguarding?

Protection means safeguarding the health, well-being, and human rights of citizens. It enables them to live free from harm, abuse, and neglect. It is an integral part of providing quality health care.

What is mechanical safety devices?

Safety Interlock Switches: Safety interlock switches monitor mechanical guards that separate individuals from hazards. If a guard such as a gate, door, or panel is opened or removed, the safety interlock switch sends a signal to the machine control system to stop the hazardous situation.

What is incidental safety devices?

Contingent safety devices (indirect guards) that are just as useful as machine guard rings are as follows. -Two hand controls: -Two push buttons must be operated simultaneously.

What should employers do to protect their workers from chemical hazards?

Employers with hazardous chemicals in the workplace should develop and implement a written hazard communication program and train employees on proper precautions and appropriate preventive measures (and copies of safety data sheets must be readily available). See the OSHA page on hazard communication.

Which of the following statements is true about updating the exposure control plan OSHA?

Which of the following statements apply to updating exposure control plans? Updates must reflect changes in tasks and procedures. Updates must reflect changes in location that affect occupational exposure. The update should include the cost of PPE needed to reduce exposure.

What are the two types of primary safeguarding methods OSHA?

Two primary methods of machine protection are used: guards and protective devices. Guards provide physical barriers that prevent access to hazardous areas.

Which is a type of machine safeguarding?

Methods of Protection They can be modified, interlocked, adjustable, or self-adjusting. Devices – These restrict or prevent access to hazardous areas. These are presence sensing devices, pull-back or restraint straps, safety trip controls, two-hand controls, or gates.

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How many types of guarding are there?

There are three primary types of security personnel working for private and public companies and individuals: government, in-house, and contractually working for private security firms. These three primary types have many more options, including armed, unarmed, plain cloth or uniform, on-site or remote.

How many types of safety guards are there?

There are four primary types of machine guards: modified. Interlocking. Adjustable.

Which circuit is used for safety with two hands of worker *?

Womack Data Sheet 10: Two-handed safety controls for pneumatic and hydraulic circuits. Dual controls may be provided when the cylinder is an operating mechanism that could pose a safety hazard to the operator. These require the use of both hands to activate the cylinder and keep it moving.

What is an exception to the general rule for safeguarding to prevent hazards during servicing and maintenance of machines?

While this is a general rule, there are exceptions where service or maintenance is not hazardous to the employee, where the service performed is minor in nature, is performed as an integral part of production, and where the employer utilizes effective alternative protective measures. Protection as required…

What is photoelectric device?

Devices that provide electrical signals in response to visible, infrared, or ultraviolet light. They are often used in systems that imply objects or encoded data by changes in transmitted or reflected light.

What are the two basic types of presence sensing devices?

Proximity sensors use electromagnetic fields to detect the presence or absence of objects. Photoelectric sensors use light to detect the presence or absence of objects.

Is a light curtain a machine guard?

Safety light curtains are an advanced method of protecting personnel around many dangerous machines. Safety light curtains provide freedom, flexibility, and reduced operator fatigue when compared to traditional security methods such as mechanical barriers, sliding gates, and pull-back restraints.

Which one of the following safeguard devices uses cables or straps that are attached to the operator’s hands at a fixed point?

Restraint devices use a cable or strap attached to the operator’s hand and a fixed point.

What are three types of technical safeguards?

The HIPAA security rule divides its protections into three categories of “protection” categories. Technical, Administrative, and Physical.

What are the four safeguards that should be in place?

Physical means of protection are included in the Security Rule and establish how the physical media on which PHI is stored is protected. Physical protection measures include four criteria: facility access control, workstation use, workstation security, and device and media control.

What are considered technical safeguards under the security Rule quizlet?

Technical protections include: a) administrative controls, and policies and procedures used to manage the selection, development, implementation, and maintenance of security measures to protect electronic PHI (EPHI).

What is an example of administrative safeguard?

Examples of administrative controls include employee training, security awareness, written policies and procedures, incident response plans, business associate agreements, and background checks.