How do I UniFi Protect locally?

Can I run UniFi Protect on my own hardware?

Unifi Protect is Ubiquiti’s video security system. Like the Unifi access point and network components, the Unifi camera and protection system is very easy to use. They integrate seamlessly, but for clarity, Unifi Protect can also be used on its own.

Does UniFi Protect require Internet?

To clarify, my requirements are as follows No internet connection (neither software to view the video, nor a camera, nor software/hardware to store the video.

How do I log into my local UniFi controller?

Windows users: Start > All Programs > Ubiquiti UniFi. 2. the UniFi login screen will appear. Enter your administrator name and password in the appropriate fields and click Login.

How do I connect to UniFi Protect?

How to connect to UniFi Protect

  1. Access the UniFi OS console hosting Protect via your IP address.
  2. Log in to your Ubiquiti SSO account.
  3. Go to the System Settings > Click on the Advanced menu and enable the Remote Access toggle.

Can I use UniFi Protect without cloud key?

For UniFi Protect to function as a network video recorder, you will need either a Cloud Key Gen2+, UDR, UDM-Pro, UDM-SE, or rackmount NVR. For a few cameras, a model with one hard drive bay is sufficient.

Can I use other cameras with UniFi Protect?

Can I add another brand of IP camera to my UniFi Protect NVR? UniFi Protect does not support ONVIF. This means that only Ubiquiti UniFi cameras are supported.

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How do I find my UniFi controller address?


  1. Start a remote site that requires a public IP address.
  2. Once connected to CK, press Cntrl+Shift+I to open the Developer Tools in Chrome.
  3. [Click on the console in the Developer Tools window.
  4. Press CNTRL+F and enter GoogRemoTeaddress.

How do I find the IP address of my controller?

1. Navigate to Configuration > Network > Controller > System Settings page. 2. Locate the Controller IP Details section.

How do I download footage from UniFi Protect?

On the right side of the Time Lapse Box page, click the scissors/clip icon just below the lower right corner of the video player (next to the trash/delete icon), click and drag to select the desired footage to export. [Click Download – lower right corner of the video player.

Do Unifi cameras have WiFi?

The Unifi Protect G4 Doorbell is a WiFi video doorbell with built-in display and real-time two-way audio communication. Ultra-sharp 4K camera with 3x optical zoom and powerful infrared LED for night vision. IP67 rating.

Can I use UniFi camera without protect?

In addition to the camera, you will need the Unifi Protect Console. Without it, there is nothing to record.

What does a Cloud Key do?

Easily accessible from any standard web browser, the UNIFI Cloud Key is a powerful solution for managing your campus-wide or worldwide UNIFI network. Conveniently designed for management, the UNIFI Controller software allows administrators to configure and monitor UNIFI devices using a graphical user interface.

What cameras will work with UniFi Protect?

Which cameras and other devices are compatible? Unifi Protect is compatible with all G2, G3, and G4 cameras and doorbells with prefix UVC (UVC, UVC-G3, and UVC-G4), protecting all IoT devices with UFP and UP prefixes. Note: Aircams and cameras from third-party vendors are not supported by UNIFI Protect.

How do I add a camera to UniFi Protect?

Open the Unifi Protect app and tap Add when the device pop-up appears. If you do not see this prompt, tap the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner of the camera page and select Add Element. Note: If the device is not discovered, a help wizard will launch to troubleshoot the device procedure.

What is the default username and password for UniFi controller?

The default login is ubnt/ubnt. After the UNIFI Setup Wizard completes, the UNIFI Controller Management Interface will appear. Once logged in with the administrator name and password you created, you can use the UNIFI Controller Management Interface to manage UNIFI devices and view network statistics.

What is the UniFi IP address?

UNIFI Network Web Application This address appears on the LCM screen of the console (for most users, it is 192.168. 1.1).

Can you use UniFi AP without controller?

The UNIFI AP can run by itself without a controller, unless features such as a guest portal are enabled (the UNIFI controller can also act as a captive portal). If the controller is rebooted, the APS will not restart.

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How do I access UniFi cameras?

Procedure: Token Adoption

  1. Go to the NVR configuration page.
  2. If the Camera Adoption Token field is empty, click New Token.
  3. Navigate to the camera’s web interface by entering the IP address in your browser.
  4. Enter the IP address of the NVR in the UNIFI Video Server field.
  5. Enter the adoption token in the Adoption Token field.

How can I use mobile as CCTV without Internet?

IP Webcam Connection (Andriod)

  1. Open the application.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Select Local Broadcast.
  4. Click Login / Password to create a security key.
  5. Return to the previous menu and select Video Settings.
  6. Select Video Recording and choose the Save Video option.

How do I stream UniFi Video?

UniFi Video & RTSP: within the UniFi Video interface, RTSP can be enabled. In this case, the video is streamed to the UniFi Video interface and then can be re-streamed back out to a third party program. To enable, go to Cameras > Select Camera > Manage > Tap RTSP and toggle to enable.

What is UniFi Video?

Unifi Video is an outdated product line. This application and its associated devices do not receive technical support in any way, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there are no additional updates to support the center content associated with Unifi Video.

Are UniFi cameras IP cameras?

Unifi UVC G3 Pro UVC-G3-Pro 1080p Outdoor Weatherproof IP Camera 3x Optical Zoom.

Where is ubiquiti manufactured?

Ubiquiti products are manufactured by contract manufacturers exclusively outside the United States. Logistics/fulfillment is “primarily in China, and to a lesser extent Taiwan and the United States. Additionally, approximately 2/3 of UBNT’s workforce is located outside the U.S.

What does cloud key Gen2 do?

The Unifi Cloud Key Gen2 is an integrated hardware controller and self-contained application server designed to help monitor and manage UNIFI network devices.

Is UniFi cloud managed?

The UNIFI team is pleased to introduce the latest addition to the line of UNIFI Cloud Management solutions. UNIFI is a cloud host controller that can manage up to 100 devices without requiring a device subscription for $199/year.

Are UniFi security cameras good?

Overall the product is very good. Picture quality is outstanding and audio is clear. If you want to view many cameras on one PC at a time, you will need a very powerful PC to view, at least 30 years old.

What is a local user account?

Local user accounts are stored locally on the server. These accounts can be assigned rights and privileges on a specific server, but only that server. Local user accounts are security principals used to protect and manage access to stand-alone or member server resources for services or users.

Which command do you run to create a local user account?

Use these steps to create a local account using the command prompt

  1. Start Start.
  2. Search for Command Prompt, right-click on the top result, and select the Run as Administrator option.
  3. Create a new account by entering the following command and pressing Enter: net user user_name password /add.
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How do I find my UniFi username and password?

Unifi pppoe user name and password These can be obtained by contacting TM Customer Service. You must be the owner, as TM performs some identity validation. Once you submit your request, TM will call you within 24 hours to provide you with a user name and password.

How do I find my UniFi controller IP?


  1. Start a remote site that requires a public IP address.
  2. Once connected to CK, press Cntrl+Shift+I to open the Developer Tools in Chrome.
  3. [Click on the console in the Developer Tools window.
  4. Press CNTRL+F and enter GoogRemoTeaddress.

What is the default IP address for UniFi AP?

Find the IP address of the access point If you did not know, the default IP address for Ubiquiti access points is 192.168. 1.20. connecting multiple of these devices to the network will create an IP conflict as described above.

How do I log into my UniFi account?

Use DigitalMe to log in to!

  1. Go to and click Login/Register.
  2. Enter your email address and set it up with a name. Password.
  3. Select and confirm your ID.
  4. Log in with your new account!

How do I access UniFi router settings?

Type 192.168. 0.1 (default IP to access the management interface) in the address bar of your Internet browser to access the router’s web-based user interface. You will see two text fields where you can enter your user name and password. The default user name for the TM UNIFI RG4332 is administrator.

Can I manage a UniFi switch without controller?

Without the controller running on a PC nothing can be managed (configuration and monitoring). Same as all other UNIFI components.

What is a standalone access point?

A standalone access point provides the same functionality on a wireless network, while a switch or hub provides it on a wired network. Provides connectivity between different wireless devices. Accepts frames from connected devices and forwards them to the destination device based on its physical address.

Where is UniFi controller data stored?

Data is stored in a database called “Mongo”. It can be accessed using Mongo tools, such as Robomongo, or BI tools that organize with Mongo, such as Pentaho. There is also an HTTP/JSON API that can be used to access the data.

Can wireless cameras work without internet?

The answer is, yes, wireless cameras will function without the Internet, but you will not have access to all features. Of course, whether a camera will function without internet depends on the type of camera, how it is set up, and how the video is stored.