Can we declare protected abstract method in interface?

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Yes, you can declare the abstract method protected. If you do this, you can access it from a class or its subclasses in the same package. (One that must override and invoke the abstract method from a subclass.)

Is it possible to declare abstract methods as private?

Subclasses cannot have private abstract methods because they cannot reference private members of superclasses.

Can we declare abstract class in Interface?

Implementation: An abstract class can provide an implementation of an interface. An interface cannot provide an implementation of an abstract class. Inheritance vs. abstraction: Java interfaces can be implemented using the keyword “implements” and abstract classes can be extended using the keyword “extends”.

How can we call a protected method from abstract class?

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  1. Create a new class that extends the abstract class SingleBrowserLocator (you will need to implement the abstract method in it);
  2. Find a non-abstract subclass of SingleBrowserLocator that has other public methods that make its methods public or call the protected methods.

What is protected abstract?

Abstract is a programming concept for creating patterns for other classes. protected is an access modifier like public or private. Protected variables are accessible by all classes in the package.

Can we declare protected methods in an interface?

In general, protected members can be accessed by the same class or classes that inherit from it. However, they do not inherit the interfaces they implement. Therefore, members of an interface cannot be protected.

Can we declare abstract static method?

Static Declaration of Abstract Methods If a method is declared and used in a class abstract, you must override this method in your subclass. However, it cannot be overridden by a static method. Therefore, you cannot make an abstract method static.

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Why interface is used instead of abstract class?

Simple answer: with an abstract class, you can create functionality that subclasses can implement or override. In an interface, you can only define functionality, not implement it. Also, a class can extend only one abstract class, but multiple interfaces are available.

Can abstract class extend interface?

An abstract class can declare a constructor and destructor. It can extend any number of interfaces. Can extend only one class or one abstract class at a time.

Can protected method be inherited?

protected means that access to the methods is restricted by the same package or inheritance. Thus, the answer is that, yes, protected methods may be overridden by subclasses of any package. In contrast, a method in the package (default) scope is not visible to subclasses in another package.

Can we declare local inner class as abstract?

Local inner classes are not members of the enclosing class. They belong to the block in which they are defined. This is because local inner classes cannot have access modifiers associated with them. They can, however, be marked as final or abstract.

Are abstract methods public by default?

Abstract methods have the same visibility rules as regular methods, except that they cannot be private.

Can abstract class have constructor?

Like other classes in Java, an abstract class can have a constructor, even if it is called only from a concrete subclass.

CAN interface have abstract methods?

The body of an interface can contain abstract, default, and static methods. Abstract methods in an interface are followed by a semicolon, but no curly braces (abstract methods do not contain implementations).

Can we have static method in interface?

Static methods in interfaces since java8 Starting with Java8, interfaces can contain static methods (using bodies). Like static methods of a class, you must invoke them using the name of the interface.

Why abstract method Cannot static?

Static methods cannot be overridden or implemented by child classes because they belong to the class, not the object instance. Therefore, it makes no sense to abstract static methods.

Can we override static method?

No, you cannot override a static method because method overrides are based on runtime dynamic binding and static methods are bound using static binding at compile time. Therefore, static methods cannot be overridden. Method invocation depends on the type of object calling the static method.

Why main method is static?

Since the Java Main () method is always static, the compiler can call it without creating the object or before creating the object of the class. In a Java program, the Main () method is the starting point from which the compiler begins program execution. Therefore, the compiler must call the Main () method.

Can I create object for interface?

No, you cannot instantiate an interface. It generally contains incomplete abstract methods (except for default and static methods introduced in java8).

CAN interface have variables?

Like classes, interfaces have methods and variables, but the methods declared in the interface are abstract by default (method signature only, no body). An interface specifies how a class must do things.

Can we inherit abstract class in Java?

The abstract keyword is a non-access modifier used for classes and methods. Abstract class: A restricted class that cannot be used to create objects (must inherit from another class to access it).

Can class inherit interface?

Since interfaces are undefined and empty, classes cannot inherit from interfaces. Only the required implementation of a particular member is determined. From the MSDN on interfaces: “An interface contains definitions for a group of related functions that can be implemented by a class or structure.”

Can abstract class have variables?

Variables:. Abstract classes have final, non-final, static, and non-static variables. b. Interfaces have no instance variables.

Can constructor be protected in Java?

Constructors are used to access permitted specifications/modifiers Public, protected, and private modifiers are allowed in the constructor. You can use Java’s private constructor while creating a Singleton class. The purpose of Singleton is to control object creation and limit the number of objects to only one.

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Can we call protected method from outside class Java?

Protected Access Modifier can be accessed within a package. However, it can be accessed outside the package only by inheritance. Protected assignments to protected outer classes and interfaces are not allowed. When a constructor is protected, no instance of that class can be created outside the package.

Can we create immutable class in Java?

An immutable class in Java means that once an object is created, its contents cannot be modified. In Java, all wrapper classes (Integer, Boolean, Byte, Short, etc.) and String classes are not possible. You can also create your own immutable classes.

Can we declare static methods as private?

Yes, you can use private or private static methods for Java 9 interfaces.

Can POJO class be abstract?

Pojo class: This is a “plain old Java object” that contains only private member variables and getter-setter methods to access these variables. Summary class: This class contains one or more abstract methods.

Can we declare local inner static class?

Therefore, method local inner class declarations cannot use access modifiers such as public, protected, private, and static. You can also declare method local inner classes for Java in constructors, static initializers, and non-static initializers.

Can we have main method in abstract class?

Yes, you can use main () methods in abstract classes. Main () methods are static methods, so they are associated with classes, not objects or instances. Summarization applies to the object, so it does not matter if the main method is included.

Can abstract class have main () function defined inside it?

Can I define a main() function in an abstract class? Description: This is a property of the abstract class. You can define the main() function internally. There are no restrictions on its definition and implementation.

CAN interface have multiple abstract methods?

This interface provides 100% abstraction in Java as it has all abstract methods. The interface can be used to achieve multiple inheritance in Java. Although Java does not allow inheritance from multiple classes, a class can implement multiple interfaces.

Can we override abstract method in interface?

An abstract class can override methods of the Object class, but not its interfaces.

Can abstract class have getters and setters?

Everything that can be done in a regular class can be done in an abstract class, except that new objects can be created only using a constructor. This means that you can simply copy and paste getters and setters from a subclass to a parent class.

Can constructor be static?

Java Constructors Cannot Be Static One of the important properties of the Java constructor is that it cannot be static. The static keyword indicates that it belongs to a class, not an object of the class. The static constructor is not used because the constructor is invoked when an object of the class is created.

Can we have default method in interface?

An interface can have default methods implemented in Java 8 or later. Interfaces can also have static methods as well as class static methods. Default methods were introduced to provide backward compatibility with older interfaces so that new methods can be used without affecting existing code.

CAN interface have final variable?

Interfaces can be left empty, containing no methods or variables. The last word cannot be used in an interface definition because a compiler error will occur. All interface declarations must have a public or default access modifier. Abstract modifiers are automatically added by the compiler.

Can we throw exception in interface?

Yes, abstract methods of an interface can throw exceptions.

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Are interface methods abstract by default?

This is because by default, all methods are abstract within an interface. Therefore, this example states that final methods cannot be included within an interface. Therefore, this example also shows that you can only have abstract methods within an interface.

Can we override default method in interface?

You can override the default methods of an interface from the implementing class.

Can we have multiple default methods in interface?

Multiple Defaults In the default function of an interface, a class may implement two interfaces with the same default method. The following code illustrates how to resolve this ambiguity. The first solution is to create your own methods that override the default implementation.

Can an abstract class be static?

Yes, an abstract class can have static methods. The reason is that static methods do not work on instances of the class, but are directly associated with the class itself.

Can we overload main method?

Yes, you can overload the main method in Java, but when you run the class, the JVM will start execution with the public static void main(String[] args) method.

Can we override private method in Java?

You cannot override private or static methods in Java. Creating a similar method in a child class with the same return type and the same method arguments will hide the superclass method. This is known as method hiding. Similarly, you cannot override a private method in a subclass because it is not accessible in the subclass.

Can abstract method be overloaded in Java?

Yes, an interface can contain overloaded methods (methods with the same name but different parameters).

Can constructor be overridden?

A constructor looks like a method, but it is not. It has no return type and its name is the same as the class name. However, constructors cannot be overridden. If you try to write a constructor of a superclass in a subclass, the compiler will treat it as a method and generate a compile-time error assuming a return type.

Can return type change in overriding?

Yes, the return type can be different for each of the methods. Overridden methods can have different return types.

Can a constructor be final?

No, constructors cannot be final. A final method cannot be overridden by a subclass. As mentioned above, the final modifier prevents the method from being modified by subclasses. The main intent of creating method finalities is that the contents of the method should not be modified by outsiders.

Can we declare abstract class as public?

Abstract classes are similar to interfaces. They cannot be instantiated and may contain a combination of methods declared with or without implementation. However, abstract classes can declare static and non-final fields and define public, protected and private concrete methods.

Can a constructor return a value?

No, constructors do not return values.

Why String args is used in Java?

(args) is an array of type string parameters, while string [] is a single parameter. String [] can fill the same purpose perfectly, but Just (String…args) provides more readability and ease of use. It also provides the option to pass multiple arrays of strings instead of a single string using String [].

Can we write only concrete methods in abstract class?

No. The abstract class is not a class that can be used to create a new class. Abstract classes include both concrete and concrete methods. Concrete classes have only concrete methods. Even a single abstract method abstracts the class.

How many abstract classes can a class extend?

Similar to an interface, but (1) methods can be implemented. (2) fields have various access modifiers, and (3) subclasses can extend only one abstract class.

Can we declare final method in interface?

No; interfaces have only abstract methods. Methods. Interface methods are not final.